GRECO publishes compliance reports on Bosnia and Herzegovina

December 16, 2020 – GRECO has published two compliance reports on Bosnia and Herzegovina (Second Compliance Report from the Third Evaluation on ”Incriminations” and ”Transparency of Party Funding”) and the Second Compliance Report from the Fourth Evaluation Round (dealing with Corruption prevention in respect of members of parliament, judges and prosecutors), following the authorisation of the authorities of Bosnia and Herzegovina (both reports were adopted by GRECO at its 85th Plenary Meeting, Strasbourg, 21-25 September 2020).

As to the compliance in the Third Round Evaluation and Fourth Round Evaluation, it was concluded that Bosnia and Herzegovina has not made any progress since the last Second Compliance Reports, and due to the lack of tangible progress, the very low level of compliance with the recommendations from the Fourth Round was determined as “globally unsatisfactory”. GRECO applied Rule 32, paragraph 2 of its Rules of Procedure regarding this evaluation round asking the Head of Delegation of Bosnia and Herzegovina to submit the additional information regarding the implementation of outstanding recommendations at latest by 30 September 2021.

The authorities are urged to continue the reform process so as to provide a fully harmonised and consistent legal framework for the criminalisation of corruption offences throughout the national territory, harmonise the complex legal framework, enhance the system of supervision of the political funding, to introduce a credible and independent mechanism to prevent and solve conflicts of interest or ensure an in-depth checking of asset declarations by State-level MPs and take more determined steps to address critical issues regarding the judiciary and prosecution.

Source: Council of Europe


Bosnia and Herzegovina