Sofiia Parent

Mrs. Sofiia Parent was selected as regional Anti-Corruption Initiative (RAI) Secretariat Intern for the period November – January (February), 2017.

Mrs. Parent holds specialist in law and PhD in law degrees from the National Research University “Higher School of Economics (Moscow, Russia). In the course of this internship Mrs. Parent was mainly engaged in preparation of various research papers. She presented a comparative study on the Political Exposed Persons (PEPs) legislation and policy in the countries of RAI`s Region (summary document available here), comprehensive analysis of the civil society organisations involvement in the field of anti-corruption (in the RAI`s Region), and comparative study of the code of ethics regulation in police and customs in the RAI’s region. She also participated and kept minutes of different anti-corruption official events as RAI`s representative and helped with the updating of the RAI`s official internet page (news feed, mapping section) and helped with an everyday routine work of RAI Secretariat.

RAI Secretariat

February 2017