Preventive – North Macedonia Anti Corruption Institutional Framework

Implementation & Coordination of Anti-Corruption Policies, Monitoring, Conflict of Interest and Asset Disclosure:

– State Commission for Prevention of Corruption (Државна комисија за спречување на корупција) – click for more information




tel. +389 2 3215 377

General information

Established: 2002

Structure: headed by a president who is also a member of the commission; Secretary General is responsible to the commission and oversees the Sector for Prevention of Corruption and the Sector for Programs, Analytics, International Cooperation and Administrative Affairs, both sectors which are further divided into their respective units

Competencies: to prevent and control corruption and conflict of interest in the public administration; to maintain records and monitor the financial disclosures and assets of public officials; to carry out activities in the areas of public awareness and education. In 2016 the Commission introduced State programme for prevention of corruption and conflict of interests 2016 – 2019  which contributes to the strengthening of the integrity and building of citizens’ trust in the institutions. The Programme aims to strengthen institutional system and legislation for prevention of corruption and conflict of interest, improve repression of corruption, strengthen the capacities and independence of the law enforcement bodies, increase public participation in the fight against corruption and conflict of interest, ensure efficient coordination of anti-corruption activities, etc.

Level of Independence

– Permanence: established by the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia by the 26.04.2002 Law on Prevention of Corruption.

– Appointment: National Commission shall elect a Chairman from among the members appointed by the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia.

– Removal: Parliament has the authority to remove members of SCPC (including the head), within prescribed conditions into the Law on Prevention of Corruption.

– Immunity: No

– Financial Autonomy: budget adopted in standard procedure.