Marija Vishinova

Ms. Marija Vishinova was selected as Regional Anti-corruption Initiative (RAI) Secretariat Intern for the period December 2018 – February 2019, after being the most successful among the candidates in the selection process. For one month of her internship she worked under the guidance and direct supervision of the Anti-corruption Expert, and for the remaining two months under the guidance and direct supervision of the Program and Outreach Officer, in implementation of the programmatic objectives of the Organization.

One of the main tasks that Ms. Vishinova was assigned with during the internship was assisting the Secretariat in the planning and reporting processes related to the implementation of the ongoing anti-corruption projects and programmes. She also took on a role of updating RAI website with different content, including publishing anti-corruption news and surveys, updating the mapping of the anti-corruption entities and relevant anti-corruption legislation in South East Europe. In addition, she actively promoted RAI activities and maintained RAI social media accounts.

Also, Ms. Vishinova participated at several national events in Bosnia and Herzegovina, dedicated to anti-corruption topics.

Finally, Ms. Vishinova had an opportunity to participate in Secretariat’s everyday activities such as staff meetings and planning sessions as well as project design sessions, which enabled her an inside look into work of an regional organisation, as well as RAI’s anti-corruption activities.