Legislation – Romania Anti Corruption Institutional Framework

Constitution of Romania (EN)

Criminal Code (EN)

Criminal Procedure Code (EN)

Law on Preventing, Discovering and Sanctioning of Corruption Acts (EN)

Law on Establishing Certain Measures to Prevent and Fight Corruption within MoAI (EN)

Law on the Financing of the Activity of Political Parties and Election Campaigns (EN)

Law on Amending and Supplementing the Law on the Financing of Political Parties and Election Campaigns (RO)

Law on Preventing and Combating Organized Crime (EN)

Law on the Prevention and Sanctioning of Money Laundering and on Setting up of Certain Measures for the Prevention and Combating Terrorism Financing (EN)

Law for the Declaration and Control of Assets of the Officials, Magistrates, of Persons Holding Management and Control Positions and of Public Officials (EN)

Law Regarding the Protection of Personnel within Public Authorities, Public Institutions and other Establishments, who Report Infringements (EN)

Law on Witness Protection (EN)

Law on Decisional Transparency in Public Administration (EN)

Law Regarding the Free Access to Information of Public Interest (EN)

Law on Judicial Organization (EN)

Law on the Superior Council of Magistracy (EN)

Law on the Statute of Judges and Prosecutors (EN)

Law Regarding the Status of the Police Servants (EN)

Law on the Statute of Civil Servants (EN)

Law on the Code of Conduct for the Civil Servants (EN)

Law on the Organization and Functioning of the Institution of the People’s Advocate (EN)

Law on the Organization and Operation of the Romanian Court of Accounts (EN)

Law on the Establishment, Organization and Functioning of National Integrity Agency (EN)

GEO Regarding the National Anticorruption Directorate (EN)

Deontological Code for Judges and Prosecutors (EN)

Decision on the Establishment of the National Office for Crime Prevention and Cooperation with EU Asset Recovery Offices (RO)

Commission Decision Establishing a Mechanism for Cooperation and Verification of Progress in Romania to Address Specific Benchmarks in the Areas of Judicial Reform and the Fight against Corruption (EN)

National Anticorruption Strategy for the Period 2012-2015 (EN)

The National Action Plan for the Implementation of the National Anticorruption Strategy for the period 2012-2015 (EN)

Law on the Repression of Unfair Competition (EN)