Albania Anti Corruption Institutional Framework

Corruption Perception Index
by Transparency International:
35/100 (2019)
Government Effectiveness (from -2,5 to +2,5),
World Governance Indicators by World Bank:
+0,08 (2017)
Control of Corruption (from -2,5 to +2,5),
World Governance Indicators by World Bank:
Index of Economic Freedom
by Heritage Foundation:
64,5/100 (2018)
Corruption (1=best, 7=worst),
Nations in Transit by Freedom House:
5.25 (2018)
Democracy Score (1=best, 7=worst),
Nations in Transit by Freedom House:
4.11 (2018)

In Albania, there is no centralized main agency responsible for anti-corruption, however the institution of the National Coordinator for Anti-corruption was established to coordinate the anti-corruption activities of the Government and independent institutions at the central and local level. Furthermore a network of focal points was established in all line ministries and independent institutions, which will monitor and guide the relevant officials in the implementation of the Anti-Corruption Strategy and report to the National Anti-Corruption Coordinator.

The main preventive anti-corruption bodies in Albania are the Anti-Corruption Task Force and the High Inspectorate of Declaration and Audit of Assets and Conflict of Interests. The Anti-Corruption Task Force was created as a political body at ministerial level and it is mainly responsible for defining strategic objectives, priorities and measures in the fight against corruption and also for ensuring consistency between anti-corruption entities and policies within the different ministries. HIDAA has been established as an independent body in charge of collecting assets declaration and identifying cases of conflict of interest regarding public officials.

Regarding the investigation attributions, these activities are performed by the Prosecutor’s Office for Serious Crimes and the General Directorate of the State Police within Ministry of Internal Affairs. As part of the country’s anti-corruption efforts, on September 2014 it was created a new body called the Section on Corruption and Assets Investigation at Serious Crime Prosecution Office which aims to investigate the cases of corruption of judges, prosecutors and senior officials.

The only body with the power to investigate and prosecute corruption cases in Albania is the Prosecutor’s Office.